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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cuba Tengok Video Nih...!!

Chinese Kid was hit by a car. Driver recognise that the kid was insured, but decided to continue his way and hit the kid again with his back wheel.
18 people pass the kid and do not care what happen. A further car is coming on the road and hit the kid once more.
After 10 minutes someone carry the kid out of the road and the mother of it is coming.
This happend in a busy street in Guangzhou Foshan (see the small shop around there. Shop owner and passing people did not care at all)
The father who talks explains what the driver of the car told him. All he asked was his bank account and how much compensation he want.

Incredible how heartless people can be here in China.

p/s : tak tergambar dengan perkataan bila aku nengok video nih.. sedih sangat.. sentiasa berdoa semoga Allah sentiasa melindungi anak2 aku daripada kelalaian manusia.. amin..

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