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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Unforgetable Memories - Sukan Mini 2011

last week was the tiring week ever...cause everyday was having screening for our Sukan Mini..held on 16 July last week..

Alhamdulillah.. with our team effort and good cooperation.. our Green Team won 1st place in marching and canopy decoration.. so unexpected winning...seriously..

thanks to Ustaz Zahir for teaching students marching

also wore green as fanatics

yup... that was a last minute plans..which my 1st thought was.. wanted to wear them a hat and sunglasses and the idea of ​​wearing a triangular box is the result of my question to one of my BFF from my old school..and yes.. she given me the idea of wearing that... hehehe.. and alhamdulillah.. me successfully able to provide 20 slices before 3 am and came to school with sleepy eyes.. but what to do.. "saya yang menurut perintah"..I must say!!

Let's flashback

photo taken during screening day - facebooking.. hehehe

taking care of pupils who are not involved with screening

piece..chekgu azrine!!

with colleague..Cikgu Intan Shaeraz

an unforgettable memory.. hehehe.. Cikgu Rose was angry with me when I secretly snapping this pictures and I promised her not to upload this at FB and I uploaded here... haahaha

my crazy colleague.. Amanina.. so excited to blow the ballons.. "kita tak kawan sebab ko rumah kuning!!"

Cikgu Shukri was giving a briefing to the students for relay events (inila suami Syida Dangdut tau..xcaya tanya aku!!)

the athletes

while the students having briefing... we having our own photo shoot... hahaha

During Sukan Mini Event - 16 July

other than that.. we also got 'Senam Seni'.. something like aerobic... and FYI.. Awie's 2nd daughter.. also get involved in this performance.. so chomell!!

cikgu2 enjoying theirself!!

from right - my daughter won 3rd place in 80 m of tracks.. congrats!!

last but not least.. Green Team won 1st place in 4x50m and 4x80 meter of tracks.. congrats once again..

overall.. we won 3rd place and congrats to Blue Team for the big winning!!


mama tims said... Reply Comment

rin..ko umah hijo ek..dulu mase skola ko umah ape??...

Chekgu Azrine said... Reply Comment

tims - aku selalu ngan rumah biru.. masa sek rumah biru.. masa ngajar sek lama pun rumah biru.. masuk sek lama ni je aku dpt rumah hijau.. ketua lak tuh.. haru biru!!