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Friday, April 15, 2011

Tak Merasa Beb!!

kalau aku tak jadi cikgu.. alhamdulillah.. even baru masuk 3 tahun mengajar... aku rasa sangat bertuah sebab sepanjang 3 tahun aku menjadi cikgu.. banyak sangat pengalaman manis yang aku dapat hasil dari menjadi cikgu...

pengalaman pahit tak payah cakap ler... so many.. until i doesn't want to remember it at all.. the most was when i had to leave my beloved old school which is hardly to me to do it.. but me so redha with what Allah wanted me to be... Alhamdulillah...

and hey.. if now i am not a teacher.. how can i faced those lovely memories that i ever had in my life...such as we had dinner and hi-tea at so many hotels around KL and yes... again.. if i am not a teacher... i wont bare to think that i can even having dinner or hi-tea at those places.. rite??

stop writing.. and let the pictures describe the moments..

trip to Petrosains with Year 4 and 5 pupils..in 2009

with kak roziah when we were at Aquaria, KLCC.. 2 years back...

dinner after Jubli Emas of SKGS at Dynasty Hotel in 2009

hi-tea at Citrus Hotel in 2010

Hi-Tea at Grand Season Hotel in 2010

at Coral Bay Resort, Pulau Pangkor, having Induction Course (KISSM) last year

in ferry... going back to KL.. after 2 days coursing at Pulau Pangkor

we were enjoying the trip to Zoo Negara last year with Year 5 pupils.. such a great memories

done Zoo Negara.. then we were soaking in The Desa Water Park

coursing at Kuantan.. (nama hotel ngak ingat)

brought students to Kuala Selangor to compete in the challenge of Bp MyScience 2009

last memories at KL TOWER.. this is the 1st time i've been here... so great.. lunch at the revolving restaurant..

My daughters were able to experience too..


NOTE : tak tahula kat sekolah baru ni dapat tak merasa all those experiences... hmmm...

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senyumSOYA said... Reply Comment

best dapat jdi cikgu ni..
abah saya dulu pun byak jalan2~ hheeh