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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Last Weekend in Penang

salam semua,

last weekend, on 29th, we went to Penang for attending our nephew's engagement. Actually this is Mr Hubby's nephew who stayed at Kepala Batas and also working there.

upon arrival, I received a call from Hasliza. I asked her to come to my house and surprisingly she accompanied by Kak Suba who also a former teacher at my old school. after chatting and gossiping, we have been posing in front of Mr. Hubby's house. so cool huh??

DAY 2 - 30th

as I told earlier, our main goal is to join the balik kampung is to attend our nephew's engagement reception at Sg. Nibong

we have been posing "suka-suka" in the car

husband's siblings and relatives have been helping to carry the "hantaran"

sempat lagi anak dara aku dan her cousin berposing

the future bride..ZURA

me and zura

'hantaran' given by women side

'hantaran' given by men side

congratulation to both of you... :)

me and my biras
ipar duai with Zura

Zura with future nieces

done all the engagement story, will be continued to another story when we were in Penang in the next entry..

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So Shy Lady said... Reply Comment

salam ziarah cikgu,

wah blik kg,its wonderful holiday.
me xgoin eniwer huhuhu