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Friday, December 24, 2010


salam semua,

got about 1 week until the school's open rite..??

time really flies...

but to me this is unusual feeling due to my transfer to Sk Taman Melawati 2

hey, almost 3 years in SKGS, how come they just kicked me out from there...

I am not confirmed yet in my service...

but I am pleased to YOU, in what YOU wanted me to be...

moments with them...WARGA SKGS

with kak mun, kak gee and sya..

p/s : looking forward to the new environment, hope everything will be going just fine..


ummioked said... Reply Comment

Salam, jalan2 cikgu..he he

Azrine said... Reply Comment

thanks for visiting...salam perkenalan ye ummioked