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Monday, December 13, 2010

Kursus Induksi - 29/11-1/12/2010 - Part 2

sambungan dari Part 1

Upon completion of the first lecture session, we were presented with a simple Supper such as cakes and hot coffee. To the knowledge of all, I've addicted to coffee, walaweh ...

Finished eating, we went back to the room available and resting for the next class session the next day

We slept that night with full of tiredness, after a long journey

At about 6 am, we woke up to prepare for Suboh prayers and prepared for a course on the second day in Pangkor Island

The first session began in the early morning at 8 am which begins with breakfast at 7:30 and after breakfast, we moved into the hall for the first class session that had been prepared in accordance with the schedule. According to the schedule provided, our schedule was so occupied. This means, no time to loiter, stroll around the resort and has no time for berendam in the swimming pool, very sigh..okeh

Just imagine, the induction should be carried out for 2 weeks has been shortened or compressed into three days, how crowded rite? But in order to meet the conditions given by the government, we just ignore the time for us to have fun there..;-(

After completion of the first lecture, we had been given the breakfast again at 10 am as the time for us to rest for 30 minutes before the next session began.We managed to take a pictures for the memories..

The next session also went well and we were given a break from 12 o'clock until 2 pm

wait for the Part 3...

Till next entry okeh...daa.

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