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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kenangan - Hitea at Grand Season - 13th Nov 2010

salam semua,

actually dah lama dah hitea ni tapi terlupa nak buat entry about it..

last 2 weeks we had hitea at Grand Season Hotel..

was our event for celebrating ourselves as a teachers and organized by BKGK (Badan Kebajikan Guru dan Kakitangan) SKGS..

actually i did survey somewhere else, but its too late for searching the worth ones...

i was the one who sibuk2 survey because i am the secretary for an association, so guess what, full of headache, but I've tried my very best to give them satisfaction during the event, insyaAllah...

i did try Corus Hotel, we went last year for celebrating our pengawas sekolah, but fully booked..sigh

then I've no choice to choose Grand Season again, actually this is my 1st time having HITEA here, but for our school, might be 3 times if i am not mistaken..

so here the moments happened...

our hadiah for lucky draw, but unfortunately, our BIG BOSS left some at school, so forgetfull!

our door gifts, payung cap SKGS, hehehe

p/s : next year i'll be looking forward to terjah Corus, due to their food and services..

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