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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


its been 2 months that I had never write anything here, what a M&^AS!!

hmm, nak mula dari mana ya...

yelar, citer 2 bulan nak kena cerita balik, nonsense la kan

ala, bukan sapa pun nak baca blog aku kan...

suka hati akula nak tulis apa, tp kalau ada silent readers, dorang leh tengok progress aku ngan anak3 kat FB aku (sambil perasan lagi sekali, mcm la sapa2 nak tahu psl akukan)

ok, ok, be serious...

now i am officially in last semester on my master program, what a relieved, but no so relieve i must say, this might be a killer semester for me to undergo with 2 more KILLER papers, so please pray for my battle.

amirah is two now, less cranky, more talkative, loves to write and do a colouring, she will do her favourite activities as i mentioned almost every nights.

just look at her..so focus...

her sisters are doing well, busy with their school's matter.

this coming Friday i will be going to see their teachers and take their LAB book. alhamdulillah, Atirah got 3rd place in her class, while Alyaa not so good on her exam results, she got 4A and 4B and I'm so upset regarding her performance lately.

i checked almost all papers taken by her, unfortunately, she was so clumsy when answering her exam. such a maths paper 2, she was answering the question that asked for addition, but she was doing subtraction (mana tak bengangkan!!), so i told her, she done a silly mistakes, and asked her to read the questions properly then answer it carefully.

what to do, we can't turn back time rite, let bygones be bygones. i must admitted that i didn't give her 100% attention when she was having her revision due to so many works to do at that time. what i can do now, i have to steal the time and space, sit and study together. i think this is the best and proper way that i should do, rite?? (kata maknya cikgukan, hehehe)

sampai disini saje celoteh aku, till then, have a good dream to all of you, SALAM

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