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Monday, July 20, 2009

The things must be done...

salam semua,

hmm, tgh dok relaks2 nih, padahal belambak2 keje dalam kepala aku ni nak disettlekan, bukan apa, mane nak settlekan keje kat sekolah, keje UKM lagi, adoiaiii, suka suki jek buat keje KIV, please azrine, don't takes things for granted okeh!!!

firstly, i need to settle my 3 pages assignment about recent education issues, then I will email to DR ANUAR AHMAD and will be presented on 31st, got 2 weeks to go. need to know my issue??? muahahaha. to be frank, i don have any in soft or hard copy form, huhuhu, but in my mind I just had one, isu pasal, hmm, I will story later okeh??

then needs to settle my proposal, chapter 1-3, end of this semester, will be submitted to DR ANUAR as well.

plus i have to settle our BpmyScience Project which is we, as a teachers' in charged have to present what we had done and going to be done at school in Kuantan soon, insyaAllah will be on 29th to 30th of July. doakan kami yek, :-)

alamak...okeh...okeh...nak sambung buat keje dah...hehehe


MaMa Marissa said... Reply Comment

kak rin further study eh?
ooo...sibuk2 jaga 3 anak dara pon can stand lg ye..good!good! hehe...
Maz pon ada intend nak further tp x larat la....

E-Marlin said... Reply Comment

bz nya awak ni...

pasal langkawi tu, kitaorang dah lama beli tiket ke langkawi tu, masa AirAisa wat promosi. masa promosi tu, one way ticket-rm30, so pergi balik utk sorang rm 60. kalau harga biasa yg x de promo dalam rm180-200 pergi balik rasanya...