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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Visiting Part I - Petrosains - 30 June 09

salam semua,

banyak sgt hal recently, til tak tahu nak mula dari mana yek??

hah, cite psl visiting dulu,end of last month, SKGS' organised a visiting to Petroscience and Aquaria at Suria KLCC. Wau..what a superb and tiring visit, morning, we went to Petroscience and after lunch and solat, we went to Aquaria until 5pm.

i should prefer Petrosains rather than Aquaria, because PETROSAINS is the perfect place for students to experience the showcase of exhibits featuring the wonders of science and technology related to the petroleum industry. At Petrosains pupils will be able to gain and learn about Malaysia's rich resources and appreciate it. we had extremely fun there, hehehe. let's the pictures describe it...

the teachers...sempat lagi cikgu-cikgu bergambar sebelum bertolak ke Suria KLCC...hehehe.

the pupils...so happy at outside petrosains...

at speed area that will thrill visitors who are ardent fans of the formula one (F1) sport. this is one exhibition area not to be missed!!!

all pupils are listening to the petrosains staffs about the rules and regulations entering petrosains

the dark ride was the beginning of our journey in Petrosains. it will bring us in a dark and tranquil ambience through the rainforest of Malaysia, up to the peak of mountain, before diving into the sea, n finally going to through a video display about Malaysia's transformation n advancement into the new millenium...

welcome to exploration upstream section, where all the high-tech tools and technique used for petroleum exploration are displayed.

trying to process bijih...

Flight to the oil platform, so excited nak naik...huhuhu...like a real heli

after arrived at oil platform...

we were at Oil Platform. everything on the platform has been built according to scale, including the living quaters of the crew.

this is the place called "Molecul Nano World" and takes us to know further about nano world. chemistry can be so much fun rite??

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E-Marlin said... Reply Comment

Hmm..bila tgk gambar2 ni teringat masa first time jejak kaki ke Petrosains.....masa mula-mula Petrosains dibuka...masa tu kitaorang budak U lagi hehehehe...